January 25, 2023

What are Sales Triggers and why you need to be tracking them: Part 5, New Facility and Facility Investment

10 min read
Welcome to our 15th episode of The Sales Syndicate Podcast. In this episode, Jamie Pagan sits down with Nic Biffen for the next installment of our sales trigger deep dive series.

In this mini-series of podcasts, we will be running through a full deep dive of Sales Triggers, covering what they are, why you need to be tracking them, and of course how you can track them.

This week, the pair run through New Facility and Facility Expansion/Investment sales triggers.

New Facility

A new facility shows where a company is investing. Spending on the creation of a new site highlights the company’s focus and underlines what their growth strategy will be centred on.

Facility Expansion/Investment

There are a few reasons why a business might decide to expand their facility, but one thing is certain- they are rapidly growing. Whether a company is looking to implement new technology, focus on a particular area of their business or adapt to current market needs, facility expansion is a great indicator of what the company’s priorities are going to be.

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