January 24, 2023

What are Sales Triggers and why you need to be tracking them: Part 3, New Offices

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Welcome to our 13th episode of The Sales Syndicate Podcast. In this episode, Jamie Pagan, Associate Director of Marketing at Selligence, sits down with Nic Biffen for the next installment of our sales trigger deep dive series.

In this mini-series of podcasts, we will be running through a full deep dive of Sales Triggers, covering what they are, why you need to be tracking them, and of course how you can track them.

This week, the pair run through New Office Sales Triggers. One of the most visible signs that a company is in spending mode, a new location can only spell growth and budget for the company in question.


A new HQ is suggestive of a scaling company more generally. The possibility for new and/or improved HR and operational solutions is likely here.


Generally in an underserved location or new market, this is a key indicator of a company’s focus on growth.


Generally associated with financial and legal organisations, these have a customer-centric focus. Improving customer service and growing client-base will likely be the focus here.

Centre of Excellence

This tends to be a shared facility where a focus is placed on best practice, research, and development. Any solutions that can improve or enhance the work undertaken here could offer huge value and there’s good opportunity for referrals too.

R&D/Tech Hub

These locations tend to house the specialists. It’s the designated space provided for research and development of new or improved products, services, or processes. A new hub will need the best solutions in place to allow for innovation and creativity.

Data Centre

This will be a new site dedicated to housing the company’s computer and storage systems. High levels of security will be needed to avoid weaknesses in their data storage and protection.

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