January 13, 2023

What are Sales Triggers and why you need to be tracking them: Part 2, Expansion Plans

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Welcome to our 12th episode of The Sales Syndicate Podcast. In this episode, Jamie Pagan, Associate Director of Marketing at Selligence, sits down with Nic Biffen for the next installment of our sales trigger deep dive series.

In this mini-series of podcasts, we will be running through a full deep dive of Sales Triggers, covering what they are, why you need to be tracking them, and of course how you can track them.

This week, the pair talk through Expansion Plans. A company announcing their scaling plans is a good indicator of them being in buying mode and looking to develop and/or improve outbound performance. This could mean a team might soon need to consider a new sales enablement software, HR system, Marketing automation software, B2B data enrichment platform, version control system etc., or similar. Within this episode, we also cover:

New Team/Unit – a new team can have a wealth of unrealised needs. Whether it’s new tracking software, or a task management platform, these teams may not know they need you just yet, so reaching out now can solve their problems before they’ve even arisen.

Team Growth

With a scaling headcount comes new problems. HR and operational needs will most likely increase, and with it, their need for better organisational solutions.

Regional Growth

Expansion into a new region or new market can lead to many challenges and can lead to the company having new needs to solve new pain-points, creating the ideal atmosphere for sales opportunities.

Business Area

By scaling an existing business area, companies can set themselves out as industry leaders. To be at the top of their game they will need a fool-proof system behind them that makes their whole process run smoothly. Plenty of scope for new sales and upselling here.

General Expansion

More generic announcements allow plenty of opportunity for you to form a new connection. Find out what growth they’re looking at, and whether the deal goes through now or not, keep this one on the back burner as it could lead to more specific needs in your field soon.

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