January 3, 2023

What are Sales Triggers and why you need to be tracking them: Part 1, Funding Rounds

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Welcome to our 10th episode of The Sales Syndicate. In this episode, Jamie Pagan, Associate Director of Marketing at Selligence, sits down with Nic Biffen, Head of Sales at Selligence, to kick off a new mini-series focusing on Sales Triggers.

In this mini-series of podcasts, we will be running through a full deep dive of Sales Triggers, covering what they are, why you need to be tracking them, and of course how you can track them.

First up, it's Funding Rounds. Any company with a big injection of cash will likely next look to improve their services or support their growth aspirations. A big funding round offers opportunity for a company to scale headcount, buy new software, upscale and upskill performance and capabilities.

Debt Financing

This is a means of raising money through the method of borrowing. The money will be returned to lenders at a later date, but gives a company cash to invest in solutions they need right now.

Credit Facility

This is a type of pre-approved loan allowing a company to borrow money on an ongoing basis, over a long timeframe.


This is when a company raises a large amount of money from a large number of people, giving start-ups and scale-ups access to alternative funding. Typically each individual invests a small amount of money via an online platform.

Venture Funding

Also known as venture capital, is a type of private equity, usually only provided to early-stage organisations with high growth potential.


This is essentially a gift, a fund of money given to a company, with no expectation of a later pay-back. They are usually granted by charitable organisations or public bodies to support a cause (such as research etc.), or acknowledge an achievement (such as ESG developments etc).

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