March 6, 2023

What are New Office sales triggers?

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Sales triggers are a range of events that happen to a company, triggering an opportunity for change within the company. They can be used to initiate a conversation or engage with a customer in a more effective way, increasing your chances of closing. A new office announcement is one of the most visible signs that a company is in spending mode, making it a valuable sales trigger.

What does news of a new office tell me?

A new office can be a significant indication of a company's growth and expansion. When a company opens a new office, it’s often because it has reached a point where its existing space is no longer sufficient to accommodate its operations. This can be a sign that the company is experiencing increased demand for its products or services, or that it’s expanding into new markets or regions.  

One of the main benefits opening a new office offers to a company is the ability to increase its physical presence, which can help it to better serve its customers and expand its reach. If a company has been primarily operating in one region or country, opening a new office in a different location can allow it to tap into new markets and customer segments, as well as making it easier to establish relationships with other businesses in the area.  However, an office in a new country also means new regulatory hoops which might have to be jumped through, opening up a dialogue for regulatory solutions or services.

Additionally, opening a new office can be a sign that a company is investing in its employees and resources. If, for example, a company is opening a new office in a different country, it may be because they are looking to expand its talent pool and hire new staff with specialised skills. This can help the company to develop new products or services and stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.

Overall, new office sales triggers can tell you a lot about a company's growth and trajectory. It can indicate that the company is expanding its reach, increasing its resources, and investing in its future. Identifying a company's expansion through a new office can provide valuable insights into potential opportunities, and reaching out at the right time can help to establish a long-term relationship with a growing company.

Recent new office announcements

1. ASPINA Announces Office Relocation to Accommodate GrowthASPINA America is a Culver City, CA-headquartered manufacturing company that develops and produces precision motors for a range of industries, including healthcare, automotive, and consumer electronics. The company has relocated its Detroit area office to Plymouth, MI, as it plans to expand its presence in the mid-west and diversify its business. This strategic move allows ASPINA to be more centrally located to the industries and communities it plans to expand in, opening up opportunities to support and collaborate with new emerging markets.

2. Automata Announces Plan to Open Office in BostonAutomata, a UK-based company that designs and produces low-cost, easy-to-use automation solutions for laboratories, recently announced it was expanding into the US and will soon open an office in Boston, MA. This expansion into the US market follows successful growth in the UK since the company’s launch.  This is an exciting time for Automata to enter the market, as the US is considered the global leader in Life Sciences, with more than a third of all Life Sciences companies headquartered in the country.

3. Australian tech business moves to larger Swansea office premises – Perth-based Ever Nimble prides itself in putting cyber security at the forefront of its service offer, which includes IT support, IT procurement, cloud services, and disaster recovery. Having doubled in size in the past year, the company, which focuses on helping businesses improve their efficiency and productivity through the use of technology, has recently relocated its Swansea office – key for the Australian firm to support global clients - to larger premises at the city’s Urban Village to accommodate its growing team.

What to remember

A new office announcement can be an important trigger for identifying new sales opportunities and building relationships with growing companies. It can provide an opportunity to connect with the decision-makers within the company, such as the executives responsible for overseeing the expansion. By engaging with these decision-makers early on, you can position yourself as a valuable resource to the company, and potentially secure long-term contracts or partnerships.

We currently track 45 unique event triggers (including new office!) and a further 71 sub-event types at Selligence. That means we could deliver 116 sales trigger types to you on a daily basis. If you’re interested in learning how you could halve the time you spend on prospecting, reach out now for a demo.

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