June 7, 2022

Venly raises €21 million

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Our story of the week is taking us back to mainland Europe and focusing in on Belgium’s fintech space. Venly, an Antwerp-based “blockchain-agnostic technology provider”, have announced the close of their Series A funding round. The round secured €21 million and was led by Courtside Ventures with participation from Transcend Fund, Coinbase Ventures, Tioga Capital, High-Tech Gründerfonds, Fortino, Plug and Play, Leadblock Partners, Imec.Istart, and Alpaca VC.

The firm have stated their intention to spend their new capital on developing new products, deeper platform integrations, improving their e-commerce capabilities, and building out the Venly marketplace. Hiring is already underway, and Talent Ticker anticipates imminent growth across the board to support Venly’s growth strategies.

Who are Venly?

Founded in 2018, Venly (previously known as Arkane Network) were formed by Gerbert Vandenberghe, Davy Van Roy, Karel Striegel, and Tim Dierckxsens. Setting out with the goal to help harness the power of blockchain for real people in the real world, their “global vision” is to provide both developer-friendly products and a seamless interface for their users.

Venly create and provide a range of tools that enable Web2 businesses to utilize Web3 technology, while integrating it into their own processes safely and efficiently. Their API platform has seen particular growth in the blockchain gaming space. Venly offer blockchain technology with digital wallet, NFT, and marketplace services, among others, to their growing client base and has announced a number of partnerships with companies such as Shopify, The Sandbox and Bondly.

Venly are a start-up with huge growth ambitions. With a small but growing team, they offer an attractive proposition for anyone looking to get hands-on experience creating an all-in-one software platform, which will help clients access and use blockchain technology. They outline the importance of pro-activeness, autonomous learning, teamwork, honesty and drive in their team, which speaks of the environment they are working to create. At Talent Ticker, we think Venly are onto a winning combination and are one any savvy recruiter will want to be monitoring.

How should recruiters approach Venly?

Now is the optimum time to approach Venly. Not only are they currently hiring, but fresh off the back of a funding round they’ll have ongoing growth and future expansion on their mind. By positioning yourself to solve their existing hiring needs, you’ll also set yourself up with a relationship that could serve you well in the future, too. While they haven’t yet specified how much they’ll look to grow their headcount over time, with 10+ job vacancies currently posted on their site Venly are sure to be putting some decent capital into team growth and development.

With their eyes now set on product growth, new partnerships, and e-commerce and marketplace development, there’ll soon be a wealth of opportunities at this start-up. Talent Ticker recommends you reach out to them now as they start to build momentum, so you can demonstrate your understanding of their growth plans. This €21 million raise builds on Venly’s previous €1.55million raise from 2021, and brings their total raised to €22.6 million.

Co-founder and CEO, Tim Dierckxsens, commented: “…Our APIs and services allow a Web2 company to seamlessly integrate with Web3. Moreover, we want to focus on our marketplace for the mainstream users. The Venly NFT marketplace is easier to use than any other platform out there.”

Venly’s current vacancies look to strengthen the company’s sales, marketing and technology teams, specifically. Recruiters should approach now with a strategy to address their current hiring needs while aligning themselves for future opportunities, as Venly further their growth trajectory.

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