June 20, 2022

Three Talent Ticker predictive intelligence success stories

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Talent Ticker’s AI analyses the world’s news and data to predict which companies are likely to hire in the near future, and we’re the only firm in the world that is predicting these events. Here are three recent success stories showing how Talent Ticker can help you get ahead of the competition.

Cast your mind back to 2021. Student Loan services provider Nelnet completed their acquisition of Catholic Faith Technologies and Talent Ticker predicted a 63% probability of scaling within the team.

Now in 2022, the Nelnet has grown from a local, small scale Nebraskan tech supplier to serving 1,300+ higher education institutions and 11,000+ schools in the US. Most recently, Nelnet reported a net income of $186.6 million for the first quarter of 2022, compared with a net income of $123.6 million for the same period a year ago.

Medtronic develops and manufactures medical device technologies and therapies to treat chronic diseases worldwide. Back in February, the group announced the release of their positive financial results. Seems simple enough, right? We predicted a 23% likelihood of imminent hiring and since then, we’ve since published 23 events, from an acquisition, partnership and a €2.6m contract.

Geoff Martha, CEO & Chairman Of The Board Of Directors at Medtronic, states that their “ability to serve even more patients depends on bringing diverse thinking to the table.. to engineer extraordinary solutions”. Headquartered in Minneapolis Minnesota, Medtronic employs 11,000+ scientists and engineers in 150+ countries and are currently advertising a whopping 2,000+ job openings.

We gave New York based Spatial a 87% hiring rating, following their $25m raise announcement last December in a Series B funding round.

Described as Zoom but in VR, the platform aims to provide a solution for virtual connection, with the belief that this should be inclusive and available for free use on all medium. This is best illustrated with the release of community hub Spatial Park, promoted as a meeting point for their users. Co-Founder Jinha Lee discussed the potential for distant co-workers to use this as a virtually enhanced workroom in a 2019 TedTalk, by creating avatars and teleporting into a shared virtual workspace.

We predicted large and immediate growth as the company planned product development and sure enough, the team has already grown by 15%. Spatial are currently listing vacancies across engineering, product design and 3D game artistry in San Francisco and New York.

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