July 6, 2022

The questions your candidate should be asking at interview

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It’s one thing to identify a great candidate, pair them with an exciting opportunity, then send them off to interview on a wing and a prayer. But a good recruiter will want to make sure they’ve covered all bases, that their candidate is fully prepared, and that they stand the very best chance of making a good impression and landing the job.

Identifying your candidate’s strengths and weaknesses is a great way of helping them navigate some tricky interview questions, but setting them up with their own questions can help them tread the path to success, too.

With the change in the job markets following a global pandemic, a shift in working conditions, and now fears of a recession, we’ve also seen a real change in what today’s candidates value. Interviews have moved away from focusing on skillsets, to how a candidate will fit into the culture of a company and the roadmap that company has set out.

Have your candidates examine what they’re looking for in a company, then they can consider some of these insightful questions to raise at interview:

1) How would you describe the work environment?

If your candidate needs to work in a quiet room, or alternatively needs music and people to talk to, they’ll also want to know if the company can deliver on this. This question will also give them a good idea how their day-to-day will pan out, so it’s a good place to start.

2) How does the company support teambuilding and collaboration?

For those who like the sense of camaraderie or enjoy bouncing ideas off their colleagues, the answer to this question can make or break an opportunity. On the flip side, the prospect of daily trust exercises might send your candidate running for the hills. Have your candidate approach the question knowing what they want, and ask if they’ll have the opportunity to work in that way.

3) What is your management style?

Some managers will prefer a more hands-on approach with close mentorship, while others let employees take ownership and lead their own work. Have your candidate ask how they like to communicate and they’ll soon see how ‘present’ their potential manager is, and how much freedom they can expect, too.

4) What does work/life balance look like here?

With hybrid and remote working becoming increasingly popular since the pandemic, this question is more important than ever. Without the physical separation of work from home life, it’s a good idea to establish how a company supports the disconnect from work.

5) What is the company’s approach to career development?

If upward mobility and future challenging roles are something your candidate is looking for, then they’ll want to know if the company invests in enrichment opportunities. Some people will be happy working in the same position year-on-year. If that’s not for your candidate, they’ll need to make sure promotions and training are something the company actively encourages.

6) How are employees recognised for their hard work?

Everyone likes recognition of a good job and that not only the successful outcome, but also the work it took, are appreciated. Not everyone likes recognition in the same way, however. Don’t be afraid to ask if they have an employee of the month scheme, a bonus scheme, or performance package.

7) What makes you proud to work here?

Generally, an interviewer won’t be expecting to be asked this, so any response shouldn’t be rehearsed. Your candidate is more likely to get an honest answer if it’s off the cuff. It’s also another opportunity for them to find out what their future manager is really like!

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