August 19, 2022

The $52 billion Chip Bill: your intel US vacancy list

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Remember the industry we told you was about to be super charged? Last month, we covered the $52 billion chip bill and what it means for US recruitment. Talent Ticker predicted large scale hiring as the bill passed into law and companies have already begun planning facilities in the US.  

The signed bill commits $280 billion in subsidies and tax incentives to boost the US domestic semiconductor industry, as a way to reduce international dependency. US President Joe Biden has called this a “once-in-a-generation investment in America itself”, saying that “we need to make these chips here in America to bring down everyday costs and create jobs”. The Boston Consulting Group has stated that the expected cost in facilitating a self-sufficient semiconductor supply chain in the US would be $350 – $420 billion.

This has serious implications for the US manufacturing, semiconductor and STEM workforce. The Chips and Science Act offers $52.7 billion in subsidies and tax credits for US semiconductor teams, alongside a ban from expansion in China 10 years after benefitting from the bill. Chip manufactures in New York in particular can expect “at least a $3 billion investment, creating 500 new jobs per project” as part of the Green Chips program. Qualcomm Inc is partnering with GlobalFoundries to manufacture chips in the state, having invested $4.2 billion in the agreement.

Talent Ticker predicted in July that Micron Technology Inc would benefit from this bill and this week, the White House has announced that the Micron Technology Inc team will commit $40 billion in chip manufacturing.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 roles Intel have started to advertise for their Ohio facility, so you can get started before the competition hits:  

  • Board Design Engineer  
  • Engineering Technician  
  • Advanced Packing Supply Chain Engineer  
  • Cloud Software Engineer  
  • Wireless Network Systems Engineer  
  • Senior Systems Software Architect  
  • System Software Development Engineer  
  • Automation Program Lead  
  • Firmware Verification Engineer  
  • Divisional Product Quality Engineer  
  • System Validation Engineer  
  • Semiconductor Process Engineer  
  • Director of System Simulation and Automation  
  • Power Management System Architect  
  • Software Automation Engineer  
  • Integration Technician  
  • Program Manager  
  • System Architect  
  • System Test Engineer  
  • Security Researcher  
  • Lead System Validation Engineer  
  • Senior Software Validation Engineer  
  • Software Development Engineer  
  • Quality and Reliability Engineer  
  • Manufacturing Systems Software Engineer  
  • Hardware Validation Engineer  
  • Systems Component Solutions Director  
  • Technology Development Operations Research Manager  
  • Sever Memory Performance Architect  
  • Senior Software Engineer

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