September 5, 2022
Product Updates

Search locations, email integration test, Chrome extension upgrades, plus more!

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Streamlining your day-to-day work is one of our main focuses, which is why we’ve made more than 80 product improvements and upgrades in the last month alone! See more details on these changes below.

Chrome extension upgrades

List view is now available in the Talent Ticker Chrome Extension for LinkedIn Recruiter, plus….

  • Speed improvements that will make the extension much easier to use
  • Choose between personal or business emails when sending a message

Search locations

A new location suggestion service now provides more detail when using search functionality within Talent Ticker. With this update, you will now be able to differentitate between various locations that share the same name, such as ‘Gloucester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom’ and ‘Gloucester, MA, United States of America’.

Scheduled emails streamline

We’ve added a new section in the Contact tab that will show all scheduled emails, who they will be sent to, what the message is, on what sequence and, most importantly, when they will send.

Email integration test feature

Once integrated, you will now see a “Send Test” button. Clicking this button will send a test email to your inbox in a generic template to demonstrate the integration is working, which means you no longer have to find an alternative email or friend to test with.

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