March 6, 2023

Sales Triggers vs. Intent Data: Why you should be using sales triggers

Welcome to our 19th episode of The Sales Syndicate Podcast. In this episode, Jamie Pagan, Associate Director of Marketing at Selligence, sits down with Nic Biffen to discuss the differences between sales triggers and intent data, and why you should be using sales triggers.

Recognising the best time to reach out and contact a prospect has never been an easy task. Sales professionals of yesteryear struggled with outreach and not knowing when their prospect would be primed to buy, which meant closing sales was even harder.

But with a rise in data and technology, there has been a new wave of information available to salespeople that has enabled a more strategic approach.

Identifying the right time to reach out to a buyer, understanding their needs, and providing the necessary support has turned into an intel-driven game. With sales triggers and intent data more widely available, sales teams are now faced with a choice.

So, what is the difference between ‘intent data’ and ‘sales trigger data’?

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