August 3, 2022

Predictive Intelligence in Action, StrideUp Funding Round

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Predictive market intelligence is what keeps recruiters ahead of the competition – and it’s what will keep your momentum in the face of impending recession. Talent Ticker’s AI can put you up to three months ahead of your direct competitors, allowing you to be first to new opportunities. What’s more, not only do we get you there first, but we can point you in the right direction for major growth, before public company announcements are even made.

Want to see how? This recent case study is so topical, we’ll have you looking to book a demo before you’ve finished reading this article.


A little over a month before any announcement was made, Talent Ticker’s AI triggered an event alert that was shared on our social media, in which we rated StrideUp with a 73% chance of securing funding within a three-month timeframe:

A little over a month after our AI funding predictor was triggered, we picked up and published news that StrideUp had indeed secured new funding. With a fresh £280 million in a debt financing round behind them, our AI was also able to accurately predict imminent hiring in a range of their teams.

Now, six weeks on from their funding announcement, StrideUp are currently advertising live vacancies in their Business Development, Operations, Engineering, Product, and Governance teams. StrideUp are focused on healthy and sustainable growth with new capital, an expanding team, and a strong growth strategy in place to keep their forward momentum. Reach out now to see how you can help support their existing hiring needs while developing a relationship which could be mutually beneficial in the years to come.

Next steps

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