May 4, 2023
Product Updates

New quality labels for contacts and email logic to boost your outreach

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Are you tired of wasting time reaching out to unresponsive or inaccurate contacts? The latest feature release from our company may be just what you need to improve your connect rates.

Quality labels for contact information provide valuable insights into the reachability of contacts, helping you prioritize outreach and maximize results. These new labels are seamlessly integrated into the Selligence Chrome Extension, allowing you to access valuable contact insights as you browse the web.

Additionally, we've implemented new email accuracy logic to improve deliverability and provide clean email addresses. Try out these new features today and start seeing better results from your outreach efforts.

Improve your connect rates with all new contact data quality labels

We're excited to announce the release of our latest feature, quality labels for contact information. Quality labels will provide valuable insights into the reachability of contacts, making it easier than ever for you to prioritise outreach and maximise results.

Here's what you'll see:

What the labels mean:

  • Medium - Verification not possible, emails may bounce
  • High - Strong likelihood to reach contact
  • Very High - Highly likely to reach contact
  • Verified - Contact verified by humans

These new labels are also available on the Selligence Chrome Extension, providing you with a seamless experience as you browse the web and access valuable contact insights.

Check it out:

New email accuracy logic to help deliverability

We've implemented new logic to better evaluate the accuracy of an email address. This considers all data we have available from each of our industry leading data partners and provides a score that can be used to filter based on quality.

To help with deliverability, we also take into account email testing, which is performed when someone tries to use an email address and subsequently updates email scores accordingly.

The new email data quality scores are now active in the Selligence App and Chrome Extension, which means that you’ll notice email addresses displayed look much cleaner.

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