July 11, 2022
Product Updates

Millions more pieces of data available

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At Selligence, we’re all about connecting you with the right person, at the right time, for the right reason. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve been working hard to expand our data, providing you with access to millions more pieces of data, including personal email addresses – stop worrying about outdated information and focus on engaging with your next top-level candidate.

This has been a huge research & data project for us in 2022, off the back of which, we’re now offering customers another channel to reach out to candidates for outbound recruitment, ensuring higher connect rates and more productive conversations.

Conversations made easy

We’re building an industry-leading dataset, giving you access to an unparalleled database of contact information, including business and personal emails and phone numbers, all in real-time, which means higher connect rates and more productive conversations, day in, day out.

Information when you need it

The combination of our one-of-a-kind predictive intelligence and our attribute rich database, means it’s even easier to get ahead of the competition, secure more exclusive roles, and ultimately make more placements – the more you know, and the sooner you know it, the better.

Data without the gaps

Using our integrations, you’re able to fill gaps in existing contact records with enriched data no matter where you originally found it, keeping your CRM’s and ATS databases up to date and removing unnecessary admin.

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