October 6, 2022
Case Studies

McNeal & Payne make their first placement within two weeks of using Selligence

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A Texas-based staffing and recruitment firm uses Selligence to:

  • Find new candidates
  • Identify previously unknown candidates who are ‘likely to change’
  • Successfully win new placements
  • Secure more candidates at interview stages
  • Achieve ROI almost immediately

The Facts

HQ: Houston, TX
Website: https://mp-talent.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mcneal-payne-talent/
Robin Payne’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robinwilsonpayne
Number of employees: 5
Industry: Recruiting and Staffing
Company Verticals: Energy, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Retail, Manufacturing, Construction
Specialization: Accounting and Finance Positions with Small to Mid-Size Companies
Product used: Talent Ticker

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The company

Founded in 2019, McNeal & Payne Talent is a Houston, Texas-based Recruiting firm. McNeal & Payne Talent is a small team led by Robin Payne, Janel McNeal, and Kyla Janecek, focused on providing their expertise, attention to detail, and a personalized recruiting process. Having worked together for many years, they cover a broad range of industries and recruit C-level Executives, Senior Managers, Directors, Managers, Controllers, and Senior-level positions. Their areas of expertise include Accounting and Finance for Small to Mid-Size Companies.

We spoke to Robin Payne, an executive recruiting professional and Partner at McNeal & Payne Talent (MPT), who shared her thoughts with us:

The challenge

“Our biggest problem was that we were seeing too many candidates accepting counter offers from their current employers after an offer from one of MPT’s clients had been accepted with an established start date.”

“We looked into other tools and products in the market, but either the price was extremely high, or the product was not the best fit for our business model. When we saw a demonstration with Talent Ticker, we felt like they offered the best value for the best price. What appealed to us the most is Talent Ticker’s predictive AI which helps evaluate when a candidate is open to new opportunities.

Our experience with the Sales team was great too. Ricky was transparent and informative throughout the sales process, and I trusted him and the potential in the platform.”

The solution

“Utilizing Talent Ticker was straightforward. We experienced a smooth transition from sales to training to CSM. The platform was easy to learn and navigate, and we’re seeing improvements already.

Three of our team members currently use the platform: Robin Payne, Janel McNeal, and Kyla Janecek. We all focus on recruiting and sourcing using Talent Ticker’s Sourcing tool.”

For us, the best thing about the platform is the customer service and the people. From sales to onboarding to account management, they are supportive and consistent and take action when we have feedback. To others considering using the platform, we would highly recommend it. The training and support they provide is unrivaled. The tool is intuitive and provides accurate and relevant data.”

The results

“Using the platform, we’ve already made one placement and have three more candidates at the interview stage. Talent Ticker provides us with potential candidates that are new and relevant to us. With smooth training from Marinna, I was able to use the platform efficiently and find success quickly.

“The successes speak for themselves. We made our first placement in two weeks and during our onboarding process. It was for a contract role, which means every time the contract is extended, McNeal and Payne will make a recurring fee. We’ve saved time and secured over $7,000 on our first placement – we are confident this will be an ongoing need that will continue bringing in revenue! We have three seats; once we place our next direct-hire candidate from Talent Ticker, we’re looking at an immediate ROI.”

“The platform helps the team see relevant candidates we haven’t seen with other tools. The ‘likely to change’ filter is excellent and offers our team a competitive edge in the world of recruiting. With the AI and predictive nature of the results, we’re able to get fresh leads specific to candidates who will be open to new opportunities – we wouldn’t have known about them otherwise.

We would recommend Selligence for their exceptional customer service too! Every interaction on our journey with the Talent Ticker product has been positive, supportive, and transparent.”

Want to know more?

Jenna Lau, Customer Success Representative at Selligence, also spoke with Robin to talk about their first few weeks with Selligence.

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300+ global companies use Selligence to beat their competition, plus…

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  • Automate business development & prospecting
  • Access a gold mine of passive candidates
  • Unlock our industry leading dataset
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiencees

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