June 13, 2022

Klarna provides your next candidate hot list

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In May, Talent Ticker reported on a shock 700 people being made redundant at Swedish fintech Klarna. This was roughly 10% of their workforce, and affecting both their US and European workforce, Klarna had just become another statistic in the ongoing tech cutbacks, as fears of a recession continue to shake the industry.

Following news of the job cuts, Klarna’s CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski posted a list of the employees they have laid off. The list, originally drawn up by a Klarna employee who had survived the cuts, found its way into the hands of Siemiatkowski, who decided he would do what he could to help his former employees. Sharing the list, he has helped draw visibility to those on it and increased its circulation.

In fact, Siemiatkowski took to Linkedin and Twitter to sing his former employees’ praises, in an attempt to help them get ‘spotted’ by recruiters and helped into new opportunities. Around 600 contacts were supplied in this list, with the contact details coming from the affected people themselves.

On his LinkedIn profile, Siemiatkowski wrote:

“I hope everyone out there understands what a goldmine this document is. Some recruiters should probably ignore LinkedIn or other sourcing channels for a few days and put all their energy into this list. I am sure these people will not be available for long.”

Talent Ticker recommends you take some time to check out these candidates. Names, locations and former roles are all included on the list, so it’ll be easy to identify your next candidates here!

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