June 17, 2022

Hubilo, where are they now?

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Back in November 2021, Talent Ticker investigated Hubilo’s exhilarating virtual tech services reinvention journey. Our Story of the Week focused on the companies $125 million raise announcement, scoring a 98% prediction for large scale hiring. This came hot on the heels of a $23.5 million Series A in February 2021. The team listed a number of vacancies across tech, sales, marketing and since then, Hubilo has grown by 25%, alongside broadcasting a partnership with in-person events firm Freeman.  

CEO and founder Vaibhav Jain commented, “we’ve seen 32x growth in our top line and a much bigger growth in our perseverance for our vision”.  

Hubilo are now planning further expansion, with 50+ roles currently advertised within software development, technical engineering and marketing.  

Who are Hubilo?

Based on improving engagement and fostering a brand experience, Hubilo aims to make events accessible and unforgettable. In the age of technology, it may be easy to ask, how? To this company, the answer was simple – providing a solution for virtual connection.  

The journey hasn’t always been simple. Faced with an abrupt halt in 2020, the 30-strong team faced a bleak reality, quickly running on empty with zero revenue. Founders can now swagger confidently after transitioning from physical event management to virtual, with an estimated 50% growth in month-on-month revenue from first customer usage in April.  

This platform now boasts more than 2 million attendees in 100+ countries. Co-founder Mayank Agarwal is an experienced Software Engineer, whilst Jain generated the spark of what would become Hubilo during their time at the International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology.  

Although physical events are likely to return, Hubilo are able to equip workforces with the option to include a virtual hybrid. Amongst video calls and rooms, they offer a feature identifying potential leads, enabling the tracking of attendance and the recommendation of similar activities.  

In their own words, “the future of ubiquitous events is here.” Ready? Hubilo certainly is!  

Further News

Here at Talent Ticker, we know that the this virtual event platform team will be hiring across the board right now. Both in-person and remote roles are available, at a wide range of seniority levels. Notable positions include Product Analyst, Program Manager, Director of Product Marketing, QA Architect, Engineering Manager, iOS Developer and Salesforce Developer.  

Key Facts

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