November 27, 2022
Case Studies

Zeal Management reduce time spent recruiting by 85%

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A Nashville, Tennessee-based (and surrounding areas) staffing and recruitment firm uses Selligence to:

  • Reduced its sourcing and recruiting research by 85%
  • Expand its marketing strategy internationally
  • Discover new, passive talent increasing outreach opportunities
  • Capture an initial ROI of $8,500 in just five months

The Facts

HQ: Nashville, Tennessee
Number of employees: 2
Industry: Staffing and Recruiting
Company Verticals: Construction, Healthcare, Information Technology, State, and Federal Government agencies
Product used: Talent Ticker

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The company

Zeal Management Group, founded in 2017, is a US-focused staffing and recruitment firm. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, this recruitment firm specializes in corporate staffing and recruiting for Construction, Healthcare, Information Technology, State and Government agencies. Setting out with the aim of providing a seamless solution, the company aims to provide quality, diverse candidates that thrive in a demanding working environment.

We spoke with the President & CEO, P. Lyn Anthony, about her experiences using our product:

The challenge  

“We started out with the need for more actionable news leads that we could use to secure new clients. Having looked around at the alternatives we chose Selligence’s Talent Ticker because of their news section; combined with the contacts and candidate contact information the platform offers we knew it could be the solution we were after.”

The solution  

“Given that we are a boutique firm, our entire company is accessing the current platform and functionality. From our experience, we found the platform to be user-friendly and the contact information allowed us to access clients faster. Not only this, but we were delighted at the excellent customer service provided by the internal team.

What makes Talent Ticker great is that we can access pertinent information using the platform’s predictive analysis much quicker than our competitors, helping us stay ahead.  We’d recommend Talent Ticker because the platform is an excellent tool to assist (and support) a company’s scaling approach. The platform also reduces recruiting time while allowing leadership to focus on other goals within the company.  

We are currently using the platform’s Business Development, Sourcing, and Sequencing capabilities, but we will employ additional capabilities to aid our internal processes as we expand too. As we look at our own growth, we’ll ensure we train new employees on the platform to ensure consistency across our ecosystem.”

The results

“Overall, the platform is an excellent tool. However, given that we spend most of our time engaged with the sourcing capability within the platform, we would offer that the sourcing piece is the cornerstone of our company’s success. We saw a return on in investment in a short timespan (approximately five months). We captured an initial ROI of $8,500 in September 2022.  

Using the platform has reduced our sourcing and recruiting by approximately 85%; our internal processes have been refined by about 80% and, in turn, this has allowed our leadership to focus on other aspects or goals relevant to the company’s success.

One of the immediate results of the platform we have experienced is the capability to discover passive talent. This approach allows us to place more candidates, along with the ‘special’ integrated filters (within the platform), to find a specific type of talent, for example, veterans.

In short, the platform has allowed our company to expand our marketing strategy internationally in a really short period.  Additionally, this has allowed us the appearance of being a much larger firm positioned to follow potential leads outside our current footprint.

The number one reason we would recommend Selligence to other partners will be the reasonable ROI – just follow the counsel of the Customer Success Managers!”

Want to know more?

Talent Ticker can help save you time, boost your efficiencies and give you valuable insights. Take a look at another of our recent client case studies to see how using our platform helped McNeal & Payne Talent make their first placement within two weeks of using Selligence.

300+ global companies use Selligence to beat their competition, plus…

  • Gather 10,000’s of predictive insights
  • Automate business development & prospecting
  • Access a gold mine of passive candidates
  • Unlock our industry leading dataset
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiencees

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