February 23, 2023
Case Studies

The Nudge Group achieved 12.5 x ROI in 12 days

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An international staffing and recruitment firm uses Selligence to:
  • Access the right point of contact, at the right time
  • Secure 5 exclusive roles in 12 days
  • Support its expansion into UK and US markets
  • Start conversations to build new relationships

The Facts

HQ: Sydney, Australia
Website: https://thenudgegroup.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/thenudgegroup/
Number of employees: 13
Industry: Staffing and Recruiting
Company Verticals: Start-up recruitment, go-to-market specialist

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The company

Founded in 2019, The Nudge Group is a staffing and recruitment firm boasting “a presence in Australia, UK, US, Europe and Asia, [and] expanding across the globe”. While still a start-up, this relatively small team has a big-growth mentality. From start-up to IPO, this team of passionate recruiters is keen to help any business achieve their scaling ambitions, globally.

Headquartered in Sydney in New South Wales, Australia, The Nudge Group also has offices in Melbourne, London, Singapore, and the Philippines.

We spoke to 'Director of Sales, Technology, & Product', Tom Greenwood, who shared his thoughts with us.

The challenge

“We set out with the need to become more forward thinking. We were wanting to open up our potential to think fast, and approach the market in a timely manner, really aiming to solve a problem before it even arose. To be the first to reach out and help companies achieve their goals, ahead of our competition.

We had employees opening new desks in the UK and US and we needed them to be able to work most effectively. We actually considered a range of solutions – from some of the big names to smaller enterprises – but they were all too expensive for what we were looking for. We settled on Selligence because it offered everything we wanted, it was clearly the best toolkit for what we needed and to support our team with market-mapping in new geographies. We tend to work with early-stage start-ups, and we knew Selligence would be the best fit for us.”

The solution

“We had a very positive experience using the platform. Our teams using Selligence focus on tech start-ups and use the Market Mapping tool mainly but are finding the Company Spotlight pages and the Chrome extension great too.

The best thing about the platform is the relevance it provides. The data is not only fresh, but the predictive nature of sales triggers is really useful. The platform has really given us an edge!”

The results  

“The results speak for themselves. Within 12 working days we had secured five exclusive SDR roles fitting our ICP and with terms all signed! This has meant the product has already paid for itself. That means we’re looking at £50k with all roles filled. That’s 12.5x ROI in 12 working days.

The platform allowed us to target specific Chief Revenue Officers which led to a great outcome for us. Being able to reach out to the right person at the right time is central to our strategy.

Not only does the platform offer accurate and actionable data, but the ROI is fantastic. By working with Amarbir, who has been an exceptional Customer Success Manager, we have had a smooth onboarding journey and have been able to use the platform with confidence. This has meant our entire experience with Selligence has been a successful and profitable one!”

Want to know more?

Selligence can help save you time, boost your efficiencies and give you valuable insights. Take a look at another of our recent client case studies to see how using our platform helped eSift Recruitment achieve 45 x ROI in just five months, or how Zeal Management Group reduced time spent candidate sourcing and recruiting by 85%.

300+ global companies use Selligence to get ahead of their competition, plus…
  • Halve time spent on prospecting by automating research and qualification. Avoid wasting valuable time on low quality leads.
  • Integrate with CRMs, sales engagement platforms, and marketing tools; Salesforce, Hubspot, SalesLoft, Outreach and more.
  • Unlock international coverage across major industries, so they can quickly home in on specific verticals and scale into new markets.
  • Access emails and phone numbers for key decision makers with every lead, enabling them to start conversations sooner.

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