December 13, 2022
Case Studies

eSift Recruitment achieve 45x ROI in just five months

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A Hampshire-based staffing and recruitment firm uses Selligence to:

  • Get daily emails with new sales event triggers to direct their outreach strategy
  • Identify companies to reach out to – at the right time
  • Save time, improve efficiency and increase output
  • Estimated 45x ROI in just five months

The Facts

HQ: Fleet, UK
Number of employees: 32
Industry: Staffing and Recruiting
Company Verticals: Tech, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain, Manufacturing
Product used: Talent Ticker

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The company

Founded in 2008, eSift Recruitment is a staffing and recruitment firm “pioneering agile recruitment solution”. Headquartered in Fleet in Hampshire, eSift partner with SMEs and larger corporations to deliver their on-demand recruitment solutions.

Recruitment specialist, Kath Quinn, has worked across a wide range of industries and specialisms, including Corporate Functions, Supply Chain, Digital & Tech, Finance, and Sales & Marketing within the UK, EMEA and USA. We recently spoke to Kath to find out what she thought.

The challenge  

“We started out with the issue of needing to streamline our business development process. The only tool available to us was LinkedIn, but we didn't have anything for BD in particular, and that was making the process so much longer.

We did look into Avature but didn’t go ahead with them because it was targeted for larger companies than ours; it just didn’t fit eSift’s current model. We also looked at LinkedIn’s Recruiter Lite, but that wasn’t giving us specific enough leads.

In the end, we went with Selligence because for us, it is perfectly BD focused. The markets Selligence focuses on fits with our industries, and it meant that all the research was done for us. The platform itself is user-friendly and it was lovely dealing with the Customer Success reps too! We really love the correspondence from Selligence too – getting weekly emails with things such as ‘100 Tech Companies With Fresh Funding’ and the Selligence Syndicate (their podcast) are both interesting and a wealth of actionable intel.”

The solution  

“Overall, we’ve had a brilliant experience working with Selligence and found some really great leads using Talent Ticker’s event triggers. As Talent Acquisition Manager, I use the platform to identify leads for my team, then share the details with them

We are making use of lots of the tools Selligence offers, including their market trigger business development leads, the chrome extension, and projects. We also use the saved searches so that we can easily identify the event triggers we’re interested in which helps us save even more time. Currently we’re not using Selligence’s vacancies because there are freezes on recruitment until after Christmas, but it’s something we would consider for the future.

For me, the best thing about the platform is the market intelligence. The news feed gives us intel through their trigger events on who is hiring and who is firing which is invaluable.

For anyone considering the Selligence platform, I’d say do it! It’s really a great tool and is constantly improving and developing to serve the users better.”

The results

“Since I’ve been using the platform, I’ve already had five secured leads and have a whole host of networked clients primed ready for future deals. We’ve also been able to use the platform to help our existing clients too, passing on the odd bit of market intelligence we’ve seen using Selligence’s event triggers. It’s been great for identifying competitor traction, to see who else is recruiting, and we’ve loved the intel we get from sales triggers such as funding round leads or new office triggers, in particular.

The saved search email alerts I get daily are great because they allow for consistent usage and constant market awareness.

Five months into working with Selligence, and I would estimate that the new leads we’ve secured will generate anywhere up to 45x ROI for us. At first, we weren’t utilising messaging, but now we’ve built that into our usage too and that’s also made a difference. Being able to identify the right companies at the right time has been the core reason for our success with the platform.

Using the platform has allowed us to secure quality leads and structure our sales strategy – before we didn’t really have a business development process, but now, using the platform’s sales event triggers, we can be focused, efficient, and successful. The platform basically does the hard work for you – and means you can keep going with additional leads.”

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Amarbir Sihota, Customer Success Representative at Selligence, chats with Katherine Quinn at eSift.

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