August 23, 2022
Case Studies

Hamlyn Williams achieve 8 x ROI in just two months

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A global staffing and recruitment firm uses Selligence to:

  • Find new business development leads, clients, and roles
  • Bring on 4 new solid accounts and multiple placements
  • Generate £50,000 in fees in the first 8 months
  • Hit 8x ROI after filling the first role
  • Streamline all the data and information into one centralised place

Company facts

HQ: Cardiff, UK
Employee headcount: 269
Verticals: Cyber Security, Financial Services, Fintech, Life Sciences, Manufacturing & Technology
Product used: Talent Ticker

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The company

Founded in 2011, Hamlyn Williams is a global staffing and recruitment firm. This is a fast-paced, ambitious company looking to deliver high-quality staffing services to a range of clients across Europe, Asia and America.

Headquartered in Cardiff, Hamlyn Williams also has offices in London, New York, Dallas, San Diego, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Hamlyn Williams’ mission is to support and enable its clients to attract and keep top-quality candidates to help deliver its clients’ success.

We interviewed Jamie Watts, Managing Consultant at Hamlyn Williams, about his experience with Selligence.

The challenge

“The team basically needed more business development leads, a host of new clients, and a range of new jobs within software development. We’d looked into and researched other products such as AmazingHire, which was good for candidate generation, but unfortunately isn’t GDPR compliant. It also couldn’t deliver on our need for more business development leads, so we decided to move on and look for an all-round solution that could resolve all our needs.

When the team reached out to Selligence and started conversations, it was immediately obvious that not only could it deliver on what we needed, but also its staff were wonderful. They were always helpful and on hand to help with any questions or issues we came across. Their persistence and follow-up was fantastic – definitely the sort of outfit we were looking to work with.”

The solution

“Using Talent Ticker has been a great experience. The chrome extension is fantastic in obtaining information of prospects on LinkedIn. The information received on funding rounds, company expansions and growth plans all in one centralised platform is easy and accessible. The platform has saved us time and effort – exactly what we were after.

Here at Hamlyn Williams Cardiff office, our technology division are using Talent Ticker consistently on a BD front when looking to build client lists and for client information. We’re also using the Chrome extension for LinkedIn and using the sourcing side for candidate generation, as well as the market mapping tool for finding the best CTOs, CPOs, and Founders to approach.”

“Probably my favourite part of the platform is how it streamlines all the data and information into one centralised place. This allows for quick access and easy navigation of different articles and leads, again saving us precious time while keeping things organised and accessible.

To anyone looking to use the platform, I’d say make sure you utilise the saved search alerts; this will keep you up to date with the funding round news and save you having to run manual searches. The results can be sent straight to your inbox for you to access anywhere at any time.”

The results

“Since using Talent Ticker, from January 2022 I have brought on four new solid accounts to the business. From these, multiple placements have been done with just under £50,000 in the first eight months of using the platform – solely from business obtained from Talent Ticker.

If we take my run rate of £60,000 in fees for the year and extrapolate that across all of our consultants with platform seats, we could be looking at £6,360,000 over the course of 12 months.”

“Based on these successes, year to date, I’m sitting at 35 times ROI, and forecast for the year I would expect to see 50 times ROI. I started seeing ROI really early on too. I was looking at 8 times ROI after the first role placed, which happened in the first 2 months of the year.

The platform helped with warmer business development conversations – discussing client news, funding round activity – giving more creditable reasons to call and discuss how we can assist. It also helped us in building new client lists to attack and providing us with the right people and right details to approach.”

“Overall, the main results of everyone who has used the platform have been positive conversations with hiring managers, terms getting agreed, new clients on board, new jobs, and new and improved relationships built.

Using Talent Ticker has given the team a better understanding of the industry we work in within the FinTech space. Reading up on company news articles gives you a better scope on what is happening in the industry – being knowledgeable when you’re making a call really helps show your credibility and sets the conversation off on the right foot.

The platform is so easy to use, intuitive to navigate, and the friendly legends of Client Success are always on hand to sort out any issues or questions!”

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Amarbir Sihota, Customer Success Manager at Selligence, also spoke with Harry Sliufko, Managing Director – Americas at Hamlyn Williams, to chat all things new business.

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