June 15, 2022

Citigroup focuses on digitization with 4,000 technology roles to fill

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Fears of a recession, spending cuts, hiring freezes and layoffs have been dominating the headlines for months now. But today, Talent Ticker, powered by Selligence, are bringing you a good news story!  

Despite a huge amount of uncertainty in the industry, it’s a recruiter’s job to wheedle out the positives, those hidden nuggets of gold. Citigroup just made that easier for you with some great news for recruiters and job hunters alike!

Citigroup have just announced their growth plans: to hire 4,000 new technology roles globally. This news comes as part of their strategy to move more of their institutional client services online. According to a Bloomberg report, the company have commented that they will be investing $10 billion in this effort to maintain happy customers and steady growth in the wake of the pandemic.  

Jonathan Lofthouse, Citi’s Managing Director and Global Head of Markets Technology, commented:  

“We’re trying to digitalise as much of our client experience as possible, front and back, and modernize our technology,” Lofthouse says in an interview. “Those firms that can digitalise fastest are going to create competitive advantage”.  

It is understood that 1,000 of the 4,000 new roles will join Lofthouse’s Markets Technology team as part of Citigroup’s new digital-first strategy.  

Talent Ticker’s AI analyses the world’s news and data to predict which companies are likely to see employee movement in the near future. Want to know more about the growth opportunities at Citi? Watch this space and we’ll bring you the latest!  

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