May 1, 2023

Business Development Executive to Head of Growth in 4 years

45 min watch
Welcome to the 26th episode of The Sales Syndicate Podcast. In this podcast episode, Jamie Pagan, Associate Director of Marketing at Selligence, talks with George Holman, Head of Growth at Selligence, about his journey through the company, starting as a business development analyst and eventually moving into his current role in just 4 years.

George emphasizes the importance of self-development and learning on the job, as well as the challenges of building a sales department from scratch in a startup. The pair also discuss the significance of client retention and growth, and the interlink between sales and customer success.

We also find out about George's experience in launching a satellite office in the US amidst the COVID pandemic and the importance of understanding the US market.

The conversation highlights the importance of strategic planning and a collaborative, supportive culture in achieving success. Listeners will take away valuable insights on maximizing growth in existing client base, building out a stronger footprint in the US market, and the shift in mindset for company growth.

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