October 13, 2022

150 Companies Increasing Their Footprint in the UK Right Now, September 2022

15 min read

Discover growing companies

Despite another tough few months for many companies in the UK, September was also reason to celebrate for many too.

While layoffs are still commonplace globally, Selligence has been keeping an eye on those who have been enjoying more success and are actively expanding their footprints right now. Here in the UK, we have seen new growth from London to Dundee, and from Belfast to Cambridge.

Check out Selligence’s report on all the hot UK leads you should be chasing down right now.

What are the benefits of company footprint insights?

In summary, company footprint insights can help you…

  • Identify scaling companies and industries
  • Find new job vacancies
  • Discover untapped talent pools full of experienced candidates
  • Boost market intelligence
  • Fuel more consultative re
  • lationships with existing clients

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