November 29, 2022

100 Green Tech companies scaling right now

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What is GreenTech?

GreenTech, or Green Technology, is an emerging market of particular interest to many other sectors. The term ‘GreenTech’ refers to a growing genre of technology designed to mitigate the impact of climate change and other environmental issues or conserve the environment and repair historical damage done to it. It can also refer to technologies designed to help protect Earth’s natural resources.  

With prestigious awards, such as The Earthshot Prize, which targets a proactive move towards finding and developing solutions that will repair our planet and allow it to regenerate, there is increasing interest and momentum in the move towards sustainability and Green Technology.

What’s inside?

We’ve taken a close look at some of the biggest names in Sustainability and Green Technology, and some of the up-and-coming firms too, to put together this list of GreenTech firms which have all secured new funding since October. Make sure you’re tracking these companies now.

Within this report, not only do you get access to 100 recent funding rounds from scaling Green Tech companies, but you’ll also find:

  • Company names
  • Company headcounts
  • Company websites
  • Company LinkedIn profiles

The report

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