October 3, 2022

10 life sciences companies looking at imminent growth

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The COVID-19 pandemic spelled bad news for many businesses with 102,700 firms being removed from the Inter-Departmental Business Register in 2020. However, for many healthcare, healthtech, biotech, and medical devices companies, there was a new and exponentially growing demand for their services.

With an increased interest in personal health and wellbeing, as well as a very real need for products and drugs that could help with treatment for coronavirus symptoms (and anything that put Joe Public at risk), the health and medical industries saw a boom in sales and interest.  

In the light of the pandemic, many of these companies have already experienced impressive growth. This week, we’ve taken a look at some more companies that are looking at imminent growth and are perfect to reach out to now:


Setting out to “to reimagine medicine to improve and extend people’s lives”, Novartis Oncology uses science and technology to discover breakthrough treatments and delivery methods. Founded in 1996, the company is well established with locations across the world, but is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. Novartis is currently advertising  1,941 vacancies, globally.  


Kalamazoo, MI based medtech firm, Stryker, is on a mission to ‘make healthcare better’ with a range of innovative products and services. Founded in 1941, this company has age and experience on its side which attests to the company’s growth trajectory. Currently advertising 1,870 vacancies, the company’s scaling plans continue as it continues to expand its offerings.  


Another medtech company on a mission, Hologic pays particular attention to furthering products and services that support women’s health and wellbeing. Founded in Marlborough, MA in 1985, the company has a global outreach spanning North America, Latin America, EMEA, and APCA. Currently advertising 152 vacancies, Hologic is now building out its team across the board.  


Based in Denver, CO, SonderMind is a digital health firm focused on connecting mental health providers to networks of new patients, making finding the right supportive therapy easier for patients in need. SonderMind is currently advertising 20 vacancies (18 opportunities through its provider network), based in Denver or as remote positions.  


ŌURA is the company behind the Oura Ring, a digital ring that provides personalised health guidance and insights for the wearer. Founded in Oulu, Finland in 2013, Oura has shown impressive growth and now has offices in Helsinki, San Francisco, and San Diego, too. Oura secured new funding in April 2022 and is currently advertising 8 vacancies across Europe and North America.  

Komodo Health

Developing computer software that brings transparency and market intelligence to healthcare and life sciences, San Francisco-based Komodo’s platform uses AI to inform its Healthcare Map. Currently advertising well over 100 vacancies, Komodo Health are using looking to strengthen their teams across Northern America and Europe specifically.  


Based in Chicago, IL, VillageMD’s solution provides technology, tools, and operational support to help improve efficiencies and lower costs for health care providers. VillageMD are hiring for around 700 live vacancies across a range of disciplines and locations. Opportunities span across North America and highlight the company’s ongoing growth plans.  


This “digital neurotherapeutic platform” offers digital assessments to support rehabilitating patients. Using virtual reality technology MindMaze’s solution helps to stimulate neural recovery. Although headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, MindMaze is advertising 9 vacancies across Europe and North America.  


Biopharmaceutical company AbbVie, currently advertising 1,221 live roles globally, focuses on discovering and developing biopharmaceuticals and small molecule drugs. Founded in 2013, the company markets their medicines in over 170 countries. Now with a headcount of over 50,000 employees, AbbVie is a well establish company with no signs of slowing their growth or progression.  


Another more experienced company, Medtronic were founded in 1949 and offer a wealth of experience in developing healthtech focused on treating chronic diseases and pain. Based in Minneapolis, MN, the company also has a number of locations across North America, Europe, and beyond. Now advertising 2,270 vacancies, Medtronic is a central figure in the healthtech scene.

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