Stop wasting hours creating new leads one by one. Get rid of manual lead creation altogether with our open API.

Enrich HubSpot with the latest data

Avoid friction in your reps' outbound processes. Optimise your go to market strategy with our in-built enrichment and aggregated data waterfall.

Auto-populate lead source fields in HubSpot

Don’t ‘make do’ with inaccurate reports in HubSpot. Generate reliable ROI reports every month with our in-built lead source tagging.

Create high-value audiences for target accounts

Quit missing perfect opportunities to connect with target accounts. Maximise outbound efficiency by prioritising target accounts with our AI driven Smart Search and HubSpot audiences.

Read reviews from customers


Matt B.


"Selligence helps to consolidate a number of searches on a prospect on client all into one singular portal allowing reps to be significantly more efficient when researching a company."

Neil W.

Small Business

"Selligence has given us some really smart insights to the market, and they are presented in a really clear way."

Ben L.


"It allows me to be more productive and get more tasks done on a daily basis, which in short has allowed me to have more conversations with clients and candidates."

Kylie B.

Small Business

"I also love that I can filter my searches to exactly what I want. I don't have to waste time sifting through unnecessary prospects."

Henk P.


"We appreciate the ability to customize our workflow and the reporting functionality that provides valuable insights into our efforts."

Peter H.


"Good source of market intel and lead generation including contact data."

Jatinder R.


"The most helpful feature is the news section, as it allows you to see and understand what possible future clients are doing e.g. getting funding or opening a new location."

Sam P.

Senior Consultant

"The company information pages are very informative and give you all the up-to-date news on the company which really helps win the client over."

Vincent M.

Small Business

"Selligence has this feature of sending you your latest leads via email every day. You can view your leads there and this helps the user to connect to the right people."

Frequently asked questions

Is it difficult to integrate?

Not at all, but it will require your HubSpot API Key.

How does it work with data already in our CRM?

You can find out more about our HubSpot configuration in our Help Centre.

Where can I learn more about how to configure the HubSpot integration?

You can find out more about our HubSpot configuration in our Help Centre.

Do I have control over how data is mapped?

Yes, this is fully customisable, and we will go through the entire process with you.

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