Halve the time you spend on lead gen and prospecting

Save hours every week by automating your research and qualification. Find buyers at the right time and better understand their needs.

Join the game changers using Selligence

Make prospecting ​less of a challenge

More than 40% of salespeople say prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process.

But it gets dramatically easier when you can find your perfect customers at the right time, with an in-depth understanding of their pains and growth opportunities. This is what Selligence enables.

By starting conversations with the relevant information and a stronger grasp of your buyer, your chance of winning skyrockets.

Unlock 90% more of your target market ​in a few clicks

Did you know that just 3% of your ICP prospects are buying right now, and only another 7% are open to the idea of spending?​​

Whilst everyone else is wasting time on the 1/10 active buyers, Selligence sales triggers allow you to unlock the rest of the market, full to the brim with leads and prospects that aren’t being targeted by your competitors.​​

Gain a competitive advantage over your rivals

Whilst the internet is a rich source of information, the difficulty for every sales rep is to filter out valuable sales trigger events from the flood of pointless data that is accessible online on a daily basis. ​

Although it’s possible to track target accounts or buyers in this way, it’s impossible to keep a watchful eye on an extensive database of new leads and existing customers.

​​Selligence helps you get ahead of your competition by tracking more than 10,000 sources of sales trigger events 24/7, which means you’ll never miss the perfect opportunity to reach out with relevance – unlike your rivals.

Integrate with your existing tools

Easily bring unique sales trigger leads and prospects into your workflow. All available at a click of a button, directly in your Chrome Browser.