Get the added bonus of buyers contact details with every lead

Save your reps time by removing prospecting obstacles. Selligence gives you instant access to key decision makers contact information with every lead, so all you have to do is reach out.

We fill in the blanks ​so you don’t have to

Inaccurate data has a direct impact on the bottom line of 9/10 of businesses, causing the average company to lose 12% of its revenue.

​​Selligence helps you avoid wasted time, wasted resources, and wasted spend.​​

We aggregate data from multiple sources in real-time, which provides a higher quality of data, enabling your reps to spend more time building stronger, more lucrative relationships.

Get instant access ​to your ICP buyers contact information

It’s beyond frustrating when you find an ideal-fit lead, but then get stuck finding the perfect high-value contact to reach out to.​​

It’s not just you. Data shows that only half of your team feel that they’re effective at accessing key players.​​

Selligence gives you instant access to company-wide person-level contact information with every lead, so all you have to do is reach out.

Save 750 hours ​per rep, per year

Research shows that reps spend up to 40% of their time looking for somebody to call. Week in week out.

What if you could reduce the number of hours your team spends searching for the right contact information and get leads delivered directly to your CRM?

With Selligence, you can escape mind-numbing manual research and avoid unsuccessful dials or email bounce backs, by tapping into our fully aggregated contact data.

Hear from our customers

The Nudge Group achieve 12.5 x ROI in 12 days

“The results speak for themselves. Within 12 working days we had secured five exclusive SDR roles fitting our ICP and with terms all signed!

This has meant the product has already paid for itself. That means we’re looking at £50k with all roles filled. That’s 12.5x ROI in 12 working days.

12.5x ROI

in 12 days


Estimated fees achieved

Tom Greenwood
Director of Sales, Technology, and Product

eSift achieve 45x ROI in just five months

"Since I’ve been using the platform, I’ve already had five secured leads and have a whole host of networked clients primed ready for future deals.

Five months into working with Selligence, and I would estimate that the new leads we’ve secured will generate anywhere up to 45x ROI for us."

45x ROI

in 5 months


Estimated fees achieved

Kath Quinn
Talent Acquisition Manager

Hamlyn Williams achieve 8x ROI in just two months

“Since using Talent Ticker, from January 2022 I have brought on four new solid accounts to the business.

From these, multiple placements have been done with just under £50,000 in the first eight months of using the platform – solely from business obtained from Talent Ticker."

8x ROI

in 2 months


made in 8 months

Jamie Watts
Management Consultant

McNeal & Payne make their first placement within two weeks

“The successes speak for themselves. We made our first placement in two weeks and during our onboarding process.

It was for a contract role, which means every time the contract is extended, McNeal and Payne will make a recurring fee. We’ve saved time and secured over $7,000 on our first placement."

2x ROI

in 2 weeks


made in 1 month

Robin Payne

Source Technology find their most active client

“In a nutshell, I found a leading Cyber Risk Analytics Management provider via the lead/vacancy finder, contacted them and they are currently my most active client.

We used the Chrome extension alongside LinkedIn and found that the platform was much better for us in the US market ."

8x ROI

year to date


made in fees

Francis Alexander
Principal Consultant

Zeal Management reduce time spent candidate sourcing by 85%

"Using the platform has reduced our sourcing and recruiting by approximately 85%

Our internal processes have been refined by about 80% and, in turn, this has allowed our leadership to focus on other aspects or goals relevant to the company’s success."

1.5x ROI

year to date


increase in efficiency

P. Lyn Anthony

Integrate with your existing tools

Easily bring unique sales trigger leads and prospects into your workflow. All available at a click of a button, directly in your Chrome Browser.