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MSE Engineering is a system supplier, providing products and services which ensure that students and soldiers are trained in a safe and realistic way and that electrical power always is at hand when needed. MSE is working within the following fields: Training and simulation, power supply and special systems. MSE Engineering was founded in 1952 and the first simulators where delivered in the 1960’s. Today we are a private limited Swedish company with operations in Almhult and our products are fielded all over the globe. Thanks to high competence, innovation spirit and commitment, we offer highly qualified system solutions to Swedish and international defence organisations and industries. We take total functional responsibility for the deliveries, from the very first requirement analysis, through design and production to delivery and in-service support. Development is always carried through in close co-operation with customers and end users, to ensure that all demands and requirements are implemented and met. We focus on our customer and we like long term relations. Product quality is of utmost importance, as well as quality in our services and processes. We are committed to deliver products and services you need to be safely trained and have the right equipment at hand. We believe that short and flexible paths to decision and a solution oriented way of thinking and acting is a prerequisite.


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