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REAL WORLD SOLUTIONS FOR REAL WORLD PROBLEMS With an uncertain future, Americans are all to slowly beginning to realize that they can no longer depend on others to insure their safety.  Personal protection is an individual responsibility.  Proper preparation, training and awareness are key to avoid becoming a victim.  The goal of UDC is to help responsible individuals prepare for, mitigate, respond to and recover from threats and violent engagements.  Urban Defense Concepts focuses on tactical solutions for the individual, professional, business and community.     UDC MISSION Urban Defense Concepts was created to meet the personal protection needs of law-abiding citizens and the tactical training needs of law enforcement and military personnel.  The mission of UDC is to provide professional and realistic training, designed and developed to meet the individual needs of the client.  UDC TRAINING IS PROFESSIONAL & EFFECTIVE Using current tactics and methodologies used by today's frontline warriors down-range and in law enforcement, Urban Defense Concepts incorporates advanced training with a client focused approach to create a stress free training environment. This environment allows the client to develop the necessary skills in a comfortable atmosphere.  Clients are however, pushed to the next level using realistic training aids and drills to inoculate them against battlefield stress.  Using this approach, UDC has produced verifiable and guaranteed results across our entire client base. TRAIN HARD.  FIGHT TO WIN Urban Defense Concepts is dedicated to developing the warrior ethos within its client base.  It is not simply enough to survive an must win.  To win, you need to push yourself harder and faster.  UDC training courses are designed and developed to push you just past your comfort zone.


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