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Tennisist App is a single ecosystem for all tennis fans.You can find yourself an opponent, a suitable coach, a court nearby or a tennis club

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Tennisist App is a single ecosystem for all tennis fans. Every player can find a relevant opponent due to global ranking built into the app, a coach that fits all the criteria, a court nearby that he can also pay for immediately, a tennis club with possible registration for ongoing tournaments. The application prototype is now ready and in early January we will launch the first beta version for testing both iOS and Android platforms. Our target markets are Australia, USA, Canada and EU. The launch in the US will take place in September-October 2022. Before that, the app will be tested and will acquire its first users in Russia. There is a big problem in the tennis world right now - we see lots of unqualified coaches who are picking up their racquets and as a result are not teaching their students correctly. We are solving this problem by verifying coaches through KYC. We provide verified coaches with a blue check mark. Coaches themselves will be able to create and fill out their own schedule. After each practice session the client will be able to leave a rating and feedback for the coach. For the integrated tennis courts (initially there will be 55 in partnership with we are bringing in new clients and facilitating schedule bookings. For the tennis clubs we are providing an opportunity to sign up new members. Monetization: there is a paid subscription for players since the basic version is free. As for tennis courts and coaches we offer a boost that will place them at the top of the search list. There are also advertising spots within the app. From January 1, 2023 the app will have its own tennis e-commerce platform and branded merchandise. At the end of 2022 there will be an opening of the own international Tennisist league that will allow holding tournaments around the world with according leaderboards and various broadcasts.


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