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Hello! Welcome to Sun King Translations. My name is Kemmie, and I am an American freelance translator. I specialize in pharmaceutical, medical, and scientific translation services from French to English. Pharmaceutical The U.S. is among the largest pools of clientele for pharmaceutical companies and labs worldwide, and some major players operate in France. Because medication development is always expanding, and demand always growing, this field of specialization is paramount to medicine as a whole, and therefore to the quality of life of those who benefit. An understanding of both pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics is essential. Services are available with a special focus in psycho- and neuropharmacology. Medical I have a diverse background in various medical text types, such as lab reports, radiology reports (CT, MRI), medical history forms, clinical trials, academic studies, and genetic tests, for example. The pathophysiology of human diseases is of particular interest to me, as well as a strong area of expertise. Diseases of which I have extensive knowledge include cancerous and genetically inherited diseases, as I have a strong background in the current issues surrounding molecular biology and medical genomics. Scientific I am particularly well-versed in the biological and biochemical sciences. With expertise primarily focused on the microscopic scale, I translate texts on the subject of cell structure and function within plant, animal, and human tissues. In addition, I can understand and accurately translate how these cells and tissues react to and interact with biochemicals, and how biochemicals interact with each other. Genetics and genomics are therefore a strong specialty. Services are also available for texts treating organic and inorganic chemistry.


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