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Melbourne, Fl
List of Business Services provided: 1. Enterprise Financing—may approach is to work closely with the CEO/CFO or equivalents and assess the readiness of the business for financing, address shortcomings if present, prepare the materials needed to apply for financing, work with financing sources in their due diligence process and finalize the financing by supporting the legal document preparation and execution. 2. Forward Looking Financial Management—my approach is to develop a comprehensive financial forecast that includes future results of operations, changes in financial position and cash flow. The process includes developing key forecast assumptions in sufficient detail to assure forecasting integrity, creation of independent variables that allow for measurement of forecast results to available empirical data and selection of an appropriate forecasting toolset that enables broad management participation in the forecasting process. 3. Financial Management Coaching—emphasis is placed on working closely with the top management team and achieving unity of understanding and thought regarding the financial management of the enterprise. A unified set of financial parameters enables the management team to perform sensitivity analysis on financial performance and “what if” scenarios. This leads to improved corporate decision making. 4. External Financial Voice of the Enterprise—my approach is to help management retain the confidence of external stakeholders by communicating accurate financial information in a way that confirms the effectiveness of management decisions and implementation of business strategies. 5. Ownership Transition—my approach is to ensure that ownership realizes optimal value from the transition of ownership to new buyers or new investor/stakeholders. Preparing the enterprise for a significant financial transaction accomplishes this.


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