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Smartec-Group was established in 2008 with a vision to become a leader the Middle specializing in Software Systems (Embedded systems, desktop applications, mobile applications…) development, and Telecommunications. The associates of Smartec-Group have extensive experience acquired through many years of engagement in the industry, and being among those who shape tomorrow's telecom standards. We have a recognized ability to deliver "Smart" development for your product and consultancy that fits your precise needs. We are focused on the applications of wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and telecommunications. Smartec-Group is currently a member of the Web of Objects international consortium consisting of more than 30 companies. The general goal of the project is to simplify design, deployment, maintenance and operation of in-building (Home automation) & Internet of Things infrastructures. Smartec-group offers an ultimate system that seamlessly integrates with appliances and turns home into a smart home controlled by a mobile application. Our plug-and-play automation system will grant you a comfortable, and luxurious indoors experience. No disruptive installations required, and almost all devices are supported. Based on a highly qualified Telecommunications group, Smartec-Group provides radio network optimization services for both local and global mobile operators through its innovative optimization tool, TEMPO. World-class experts helped develop this tool having the right mix of industrial and academic experience. Our mission is to troubleshoot network problems and optimize network performance with the help of TEMPO. The output of the tool, as well as the cumulative experience of our team, will provide solid recommendations and a set of corrective actions including parameters optimization and network configuration.


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