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PDFfiller is a document management platform that allows users to edit, sign, store, and share documents via any web browser or mobile device. History The PDFfiller platform was originally created in 2007 by Vadim Yasinovsky as a personal tool for a friend who needed to digitally fill a form and wasn’t happy with the services available at the time, particularly the requirement to download and install expensive, specialized software. Over the next few years, the application was given to friends, family, and acquaintances by request, and quickly grew in popularity. As the user base of PDFfiller grew, so did feature requests from its users, and it became apparent that the initial problem Yasinovsky set out to solve affected more than just friends and family. The platform quickly grew from being a simple solution for a few people into a full-fledged company, and PDFfiller was officially incorporated in 2009. As of 2014, PDFfiller has employees in 7 countries around the world, working in product development, engineering, marketing, operations, and 24/7/365 technical support. How It Works PDFfiller allows users to add documents in PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, or Notepad formats by uploading from a local disk, importing from Dropbox or Google Drive, by emailing their unique PDFfiller email address, or by using the platform’s document search engine containing over 10 million fillable forms. PDFfiller’s editing tools include: add text, highlight, erase, redact, check or circle items, add shapes, add images, add notes, draw freehand, and add signature. Signatures are powered by the company’s DigiSign technology, and can be added by typing, uploading, photographing with a webcam, or signing with a mouse, trackpad, or on a mobile device screen. The platform’s document management features also allows users to reorganize, merge or delete document pages. Once completed, documents can be saved locally to a computer, emailed (standard or secure), printed, or eFaxed. The service also offers a share feature with which up to 5 users can collaborate on a document, and a SendToSign feature that allows users to request up digital signatures, which are verified by the company. In 2014, PDFfiller introduced Inbound Fax, an add on service that allows users to claim their own fax number and receive faxed documents directly into their account. Since its founding, PDFfiller’s user base has expanded 100 fold, 20 fold in the last two years, and averages 2 million users annually with 20,000 forms filled per day. The service’s capabilities have grown from simply allowing users to add text and signatures to offering two dozen editing and sharing features, including the ability to highlight and redact text, add images, and collaborate with multiple users. Despite its growth, the PDFfiller is still focused on solving singular document editing problems for individuals, and strives to save users time and money through powerfully simple features that offer freedom from software and access to documents anywhere, anytime, from any device.


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