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Parhelion provides drone aerial imagery services in Switzerland. We also publish drone logbooks (digital and print) for sale to the world, online. Parhelion gives you that special ‘view from above’ that shows your location or event in a way that reveals its character, size and setting. We are happy to work projects for private individuals as well as for commercial enterprises. Our aerial data can be used for a wide spectrum of purposes, for example: monitoring changes in your work environment, monitoring construction project progress, examining rooftop conditions, analyzing farm crops conditions, supporting public relations and advertising campaigns, promoting property sales, assisting in insurance claims and website development, and promoting tourism. Essentially, if you need to see your site (or home) from above, we can offer you quick, reliable service in Switzerland at an affordable price. Our operations are fully insured for liability, in accordance with Swiss law. Parhelion publishes a variety of drone logbooks for professional and hobbyist operators. We offer a selection of UAV Pilot Logbooks and are the first to publish dedicated UAV Aircraft Logbooks, in which you can record and keep track of your machine’s maintenance, current condition and use history. Parhelion Aerospace brings over 35 years of professional aviation industry experience to the relatively new world of drones operations. Our work with UAVs is therefore informed by our experience working with standard aircraft. The same professional rigor that characterizes the world of professional aviation in general is applied here; as a consequence our aircraft are properly maintained, our pilots are well trained, our flights are thoroughly planned, airspace use, insurance and legal considerations are meticulously observed, and all flights are conducted safely. Our mission is to set a standard of operational professionalism that will lead the drone services industry here in Switzerland.


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