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ParaZero provides innovative safety solutions for aerial systems. Including Drones, UAS, Fixed Wing, Manned & Unmanned platforms.

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ParaZero developed the most effective patented pyrotechnic recovery system the market has to offer, in addition to additional safety solutions for drone payload protection. (Contact us hyper link) The company's unique SafeAir drone recovery technology provides independent, active parachute deployment in fractions of a second, enabling safe drone operation over populated areas, at a very low altitude. Extremely rapid deployment with minimal altitude loss – Parazero's unique technology actively deploys the parachute to its full formation in milliseconds, resulting in minimal altitude loss. The drone itself, its payload and innocent bystanders are all protected. No other product can provide these results. This is the only solution to protect drones flying as low as 5 meters above ground level. Independent activation – Your drone is contains advanced technology, but you still need an emergency backup: ParaZero's highly reliable auto-deployment will protect your assets and those nearby, in cases of power loss, a loss of control, a breach of predefined flight envelope limits, penetration of GEO fencing, and other emergencies. Parazero's recovery system independently detects these situations, and immediately and automatically deploys the parachute. Regulation and Insurance – active parachute solutions are mandatory in some countries. PZ SafeAir technology complies with aviation safety standards, providing the necessary protection to fly in populated areas and reducing insurance costs and the chances for damage. Parazero SafeAir provides the industry's best safety solution. Lightweight – Extra weight equals less flight time and decreased payloads. Our systems are made from light, composite materials, making them the most aerodynamically designed systems in the market. Customization – ParaZero's engineers work closely with our clients to create systems that are tailored to platform design, manufacturer specifications and appearance. Our safety solution can be an independent add-on or fully integrated - depending on the customer's needs.


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