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Developing Advanced, Real-Time, Signal Processing Systems MRSL has deep experience in signal processing application and common services development for the National agencies of the Intelligence Community (IC) and the Department of Defense. We've developed and deployed multiple applications and system infrastructures for use in client mission operations. MRSL's Sarasota facility includes a 17,000 sq ft approved government space and 8,000 sq ft of raised floor lab space, providing a high-tech environment for research and system development. Resources include a signals analysis laboratory, state-of-the-art system development and programming tools, and integration and test facilities. MRSL in Monterey, CA consist of a team of exceptional researchers that specialize in implementing cutting-edge signal processing solutions to the difficult technical challenges facing our partners within the U. S. Intelligence communities (IC) and Department of Defense. They are recognized leaders in the fields of digital signal processing, communications and software development with a national reputation for delivering exceptional results to difficult problems. The distinctive relationships maintained with our partners, allows the team to deploy and support their solutions within the customer's operational enterprise architectures. MRSL is an 100% Employee Owned Company - Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) - Employees receive shares each year based from their salary of 6% - 12% each pay period contributed to 401k account - Profit Sharing Bonus - employees/owners will receive a portion of the total profit of the company after the year-end close. - Premium Health and HSA coverage - PTO – 35 days per year


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