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The mission of Kepler Shipyards is to provide reliable, cost-effective space exploration technologies to explore, expand, and conquer the Next Frontier. Kepler Shipyards was Incorporated in January 2014 in Austin, Texas. The company may be new, but it represents a coming-together of decades of engineering expertise, proven technology, and real-world experience. Kepler’s primary purpose is to develop technology for space exploration, but with an eye toward adaptability. The technology we design for use on other planetary surfaces can also be retooled for terrestrial use and commercialization. The lander that gets you to the surface can be reconfigured to transfer cargo back to orbit. A jump suit is different only in a few key details from a space suit. It just makes sense. Redundancy is mandatory, but waste is not an option. We are inspired by what’s been designed in the past, but we’re never limited by it. (What if the venerable old gas-bag suit isn’t the most efficient way to protect the human body in space?) We're not afraid to take on what other people call impossible challenges. We are endlessly innovative, but we never reinvent the wheel just because we can. But most of all, we bring competence and experience to the table. We know what we’re doing, and we're not interested in anything other than solving the problem in the most cost-effective way possible. Kepler Shipyards: experienced, hard-edged, intuitive, and iconoclastic. We build the very best solutions for space travel and habitation.


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