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Integra Aerial Services is all about drones! We are your provider of specialized drone solutions, and we help you all the way to launch of your customised drone platform from the initial thoughts through development and testing. Furthermore, we help you operate and maintain your solution afterwards or train you to do so yourselves at our dedicated training facilities. Our previous operations comprise delivering total drone solutions for research of the Inland ice in Greenland for Aarhus University and DTU Space with specialized medium-sized fixed-wing drone platforms rebuilt for Arctic conditions and equipment such as lidars and camera technology that can monitor what impact global warming has on the ice cap. Furthermore, we are part of various Horizion2020 Research and Development projects with the aim of pushing the drone industry forwards. We are contributing with our expert knowledge within special drone operations and The Integra Way of doing business. The Integra Way: We are part of the Integra family, and we build our way of doing business, on principles that have been refined since our foundation in 1988. The Integra Way comprises a cyclic approach, which ensures the constant improvement of your solution until everyone is satisfied with the results. This ensures you a solution that fits your exact needs and business model. The Integra way comprises: - Understandment of your needs - Customising a solution comprising drone platform, sensors, cameras, communication links and UAV Traffic Management Systems (UTM). - Test flights - Evaluation - Launch of flights - Gathering of results - Dialogue about the solution We can also help you get airborne. Contact us and hear about our solution to your drone needs or read more about us here:


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