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Ejido Del Centro
In Ka'an Bed and Breakfast is a luxury B&B in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. We offer other types of accommodation in addition to rooms in the B&B. Also available are 2 pool side two bedroom bungalows, 3 apartments and 4 town houses. We offer fantastic accommodation in a peaceful and relaxed environment. We pride ourselves on our personal attention and going the extra mile for our guests. We are a short distance from the town center and the incredible sacred Mayan sites of Uxmal and Chichen Itza as well as amazing haciendas and beautiful cenotes (sink holes) in the area. In Ka'an is an excellent choice for long term stays, as our apartments and townhouses are purposely designed for long term visits, with fully furnished kitchens, living room/diningroom areas and bedrooms with air conditioning - you need look no further than our incredible facilities. We are the perfect choice for couples on honeymoon or holiday and professionals working in the area. The full size swimming pool and palapa are exactly what you need after long days touring and are all yours to enjoy at In Ka'an. When you come to In Ka'an Bed and Breakfast you are getting top quality accommodation in an idyllic setting.


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