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Welcome to the Idea Machines company! We are modern and innovative enterprise – a manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), commonly known as drones. We run production and service of professional drones for precision agriculture, geodesy, inspections and rescue. Thanks to our solutions, flying the drone is very easy, and precise photogrammetric studies become achievable for everyone. We set new standards thanks to well desinged platforms and advanced electronics. Idea Machines team are ambitious specialists, who are constantly looking for newer and more efficient solutions, creating designs from small drones to large constructions. We are sure that we will satisfy your expectations. Idea Machines cooperates with The Geodesy and Geoinformatics Department of the Wrocław University of Technology. As the result of our common raids and development of photogrammetric we continually improve the quality of data obtained from our platforms (fixed wing and multi-rotor). Thanks to our partnership we are able to develop the best photogrammetric capture system. We use hundreds of configurations - necessary for accomplishing the intended tasks – and we can present their capabilities in individual presentations. We are not afraid of challenges and we are willing to face them! We are most excited about individual/custumize orders, especially if they concern something that no one else has done yet. After a thorough discussion with the client about the goal to be achieved with his or her future unmanned vehicle, we offer the best solution for the needs. Idea Machines costumers use our aircraft for all sorts of applications. Some start with jus than aircraft and then we help them to customize it to perfectly suit the industrial or research solution they are creating. Others purchase our aircraft as a part of complete package that includes everything they need to perform applications like land surveying and mapping, construction, academic research, infrastructure inspection, mining, volumetric, precision agriculture, surveillance, and so much more. We cooperate with many companies supplying optoelectronic and measuring accessories.


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