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Homeland Intelligence Technologies International, Inc. (HITI) is a Veteran operated small business founded in October 2003, in the State of Florida, and is currently located at the largest defense contractor manufacturing and research complex in the state; the Congressman Bill Young Defense Contractors Center located in Largo, Florida. HITI is a world-class developer and provider of security consulting services, Host Nation mentoring and training, Base Defense Plan training and implementation, while also working with the United States Government on security exercises, assessments and reviews pertaining to the periodic acquisition of Foreign Military Sales related missions and equipment. HITI provides subject matter expertise for Foreign Military Sales missions in accordance with security notes and letter of offer and acceptance standards in high risk conditions throughout the world. We have been recognized by United States Government officials and various Foreign Nation Officials on the exceptional joint service HITI provides that sets the standard in the international training, mentoring and security community. We can offer a multitude of services up to and including, Industrial Security expertise, Airbase Defense, Aircraft Security Requirements, Risk Management and Analysis, Security Policy and Procedure development and implementation, Foreign Nation Mentorship and Training, Letter of Offer and Acceptance Requirements, Cyber Security, Physical Security, 3rd party Quality Assurance and Quality Control services, and Security Oversight in accordance with U.S. Government regulations and directives.


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