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Headstrong Consultants specialise in a narrow sector of the market and are dedicated defence & Security sector experts. Specialism gives Headstrong a deep and thorough knowledge of the market, its unique culture and emerging trends. Finding the best individuals in the market has never been more challenging. Owing to the unpredictable and changing times we live in there are currently a considerable number of candidates in the available market. Identifying these candidates is a relatively simple process and often carried out by generalist recruiters who find the candidates and then transfer the assessment and selection responsibility back to the client. This generalist approach delivers no more added value than advertising for the role directly and lacks the diligence and processes required to provide companies with the results they need and deserve. The real skill and value of executive search is in the selection, assessment and validation of carefully identified candidates. Headstrong’s experience has shown that these candidates - the ones with the experience and capability to fulfil challenging roles - often stay under the “radar screen”, remain committed to their current employers, are unlikely to post their details to web sites and are not attracted by advertising. The whole purpose of proactive recruitment is to bring into consideration candidates that might not be otherwise identifiable in the market. The cost of a bad hire can be considerable so expediency and first-past-the-post should be ruled out as viable options.


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