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GovSource provides professional, management, scientific and technology solutions for Government and public sector organizations through the tailored application of advanced technologies, commercial business processes, and human factors research to define, develop, and implement holistic approaches and solutions that support rapid adaptation, flexibility, and response for a changing world. GovSource is a proven source for delivering quality research, education and training solutions to meet a broad range of client-unique needs and expectations. This has become evident in GovSource’s performance within the Battlemind Transition Office (BTO) at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR). An organically developed strengths-based approach geared towards enhancing and sustaining a Warfighter’s adaptability, innovation and performance as well as combating the lasting psychological problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which effect to a quarter of highly exposed Soldiers. Battlemind provides a relevant, reliable and effective behavioral health training platform for soldiers and their families, enhancing their well-being and overall quality of life. GovSource has been successful in developing and producing a wide variety of training courses, conferences and educational materials for the Department of Health and Human Services; Office of Research Integrity. The content of the educational materials were designed to assist in the education and training of Academia, Researchers, hospitals and scientific societies in complying with the mandated RCR (Responsible Conduct of Research) program and guidelines. GovSource takes a revolutionary approach to IT by structuring and integrating IT to support and enable growth in line with the overall organizational strategy. Our team takes an unconstrained view of our clients' needs and evaluates technology candidates relative to mission-specific opportunities and challenges - avoiding packaged solutions that are not optimized to the customers' needs as demonstrated to the US Department of Veterans Affairs in delivery of the Clinical Online Learning Program. GovSource understands the governments tactical and strategic challenges associated with providing, preparing, and equipping the health and public sector services community to be successful in a “today’s” world. Our successful partnerships with federal agencies, private sector our extensive network of academia institutions and research organizations (Univ. of Maryland, Univ. of Alabama, Harvard University, Univ. of California, Univ. of Michigan, Michigan State, Washington State, Syracuse Univ., Univ. of Miami, Cleveland Clinic, etc.) uniquely qualify us to deliver against any research, clinical or education/training requirement. Our long-standing working relationships with the US Army, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the academia and research community provides us unequaled insight into Domestic and International, Policies, Public Health, research, training and protocols, enabling us to better anticipate the government’s needs and improves our ability to deliver successfully.


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