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Fetch Me One Ltd. created the Fetch me 1 mobile application available for both Apple and Android platforms with telecommunication concept for locations, where addresses and house numbers are uncertain or missing. Accurate GPS tracking aid will allow the users to benefit quickly and efficiently from the following services: Shopping/ Deliveries, Emergency interventions (Security panic button, Ambulance call and Fire Alarm) & Taxi/TukTuk/Motorbike pick up. Fetch Me One Ltd. has its headquarters in Kenya with offices in Mombasa, Nyali; however, Fetch Me One is setting up offices in Hong Kong, St.Petersburg, Sao Paulo and Dubai. The Fetch Me One application is a great tool that will help drivers or security intervention vehicles to provide services and deliver goods to locations where addresses are sometimes unclear or non existing. Best yet, the Fetch Me 1 App will be free to download (except Emergency Call) & begin using it as soon as it's launched . Simply create an account by entering your personal information such as your name, email address and password or simply signup up conveniently with Facebook and you will be ready to get started enjoying this awesome App. Once you are logged in simply choose between the requests a vehicle, shopping or emergency to be taken to the one which best suits your needs. With the Fetch Me 1 App, you are in control! Keywords: Mobile Shopping, Mobile App, Android, iOS, Smartphone, M-Commerce, e-commerce, GPS-application


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