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An aggressive and highly innovative competitor, Cabovisão may well be considered a major thorn in the side of its main rival, the incumbent provider. In towns and villages across Portugal, modern customs and technology frequently give a reverential nod to age-old traditions and timeless customs. Beneath the ancient, sun-drenched landscape however lies a restless new power born from advanced 21st-century telecommunications technology. Quietly and invisibly at work is an ultra-modern, IP-enabled fiber-optic cable network - owned and operated by Portugal's innovative number two cable operator, Cabovisão. This network is poised to deliver a breakthrough combination of sophisticated broadband services to hundreds of thousands of Portuguese residents across the country. From the spectacular sea-facing cliffs at Cape St. Vincent in the southern Algarve, to the south side of Oporto in the North, Cabovisão will deliver its content-rich mix of cable, pay-TV, broadband Internet access and phone services. In 2000 Cabovisão broke new ground in Portugal with a Triple Play offer - the bundling of voice, data and TV - delivered to residential and business customers throughout Portugal over its fiber network. While the company provides high-speed Internet services to a growing base of large and small- to medium-sized commercial customers, its primary focus has been on delivering variety, superior options and high-quality services to residential customers. In the 13th of September 2016, NOWO was born, a brand that takes the innovation from Cabovisão's DNA and abolishes the asterisks and small print in its communication in favor of transparency towards its clients. Freedom of choice. Transparency. Fair prices. That's fair. And that's NOWO.


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