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We’re a community of dedicated women supporting each other professionally and personally. Oh and we make military gear for women too! The Bayonette vision is that all women can boldly flourish in whatever profession they so choose. Our mission is to empower women through knowledge and resources, enabling us to achieve this vision as a community. We take on challenges with a cheeky grin, because that is the motivation that keeps us going. We value diversity as that is the cornerstone of originality, innovation and future thinking. We don’t care for the establishment and the traditional rules, we are here to change those rules and transform the status quo. We care about the people in our community, because they are just like us. We deliver only the best we can, so that our shoulders might be those that others stand on to reach greater heights. Bayonette was founded by Emily Thorvaldsson, an Australian Air Force Personnel Capability Officer. Emily was continually frustrated by the lack of military clothing and equipment for women in such a male dominated environment. Undeterred and in a world first, Emily designed, manufactured and trialled military gear and equipment specifically designed and made for female bodies. Who would’ve thought?! However, through this journey Emily discovered that many other women living as police, paramedics, miners, builders also lacked the resources and support needed to truly be the best version of themselves. Thus, Bayonette has grown into a diverse community of women who are boldly challenging the status quo, innovating, and striving to be the best they can. Are you ready to start your own journey?


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