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AI Morrell Development operates as a military construction contractor in the USA.

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Al Morrell Development (AMD), a Utah corporation and its sister company, The Event Source (TES), a Utah company, were established by founders Phil Morrell and Paul Morrell to support United States military operations throughout the world. AMD and TES were the primary military contractors during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. During the Olympics, the Company provisioned all of the life support areas. These strategic operative bases and facilities were completed in just 34 days. AMD and TES fulfilled six contracts to construct and operate dining facilities during the critical time of troop build-up at Baghdad International Airport and in Northern Iraq, providing approximately 3 Million meals per month to United States military troops. Oasis International Waters, Inc. (OIW) is a holding company for a $375 Million contract with the US Government to deliver purified bottled water to the Military stationed in Iraq. AMD is currently engaged as the sole entity to fulfill the contract for OIW, for the building and operation of the six large water purification and bottling plants in Iraq. Mission statement: The Company is committed to deliver a cost-effective, value-added service, which leverages its global network, personnel, practices and systems while delivering world-class regional services built on values of trust and integrity


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